Andoriel is a loner as far as the Outriders are concerned. Whereas most Outriders affiliate themselves with Adarius, Andoriel chooses to stay in Kier avoiding all contact with the Outriding community. She even goes so far as to separate herself from her dragon by long stays in Galadiere.

Andoriel's dragon is Teowa.

Her Relationship With TeowaEdit

There are many ways one can make riding a dragon more comfortable, not the least of which being a saddle or harness. Andoriel personally prefers a simple harness, partially because she doesn't like the idea of falling off and partially because Teowa considers it less restricting.

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Generally speaking, Andoriel also wears a series of scarves to keep her hair from being tangled, as well as keeping her face warm and allowing her to breathe. It's interesting to note that Andoriel differs from most Outriders in the fact that she can withstand higher altitudes, this may have something to do with her lineage being slightly different. Both she and Teowa are descended from a line of Silver Dragons that are related to a group of Great White Dragons in the north, that live and breathe high in The Talon on the boarder of The Barren.

The StormbladeEdit

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Andoriel wielding the stormblade

The Stormblade has been passed down for generations in Andoriel's family. No one really knows how far back the blade goes, but it had been in the family long enough and is so well known, that her family took on the name Stormblade in note of their guardianship of the weapon.