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Draconic Outriders, Seeyrs, Valorem. They stand on the brink whilst something stirs in the forgotten lands to the north and the south. Welcome to the world of Argent of the Fallen Moon.



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Tahloor is the name of the world. It is defined by two large continents and many smaller islands. These bodies of land are populated by a wide variety of creatures both fantastical and mundane.

The RacesEdit


They refer to themselves as the Keepers of Akla or Klasta Nukai. They are winged and have a deep seeded connection with they sky. They are highly religious to the point where ritual is part of the every day.


Anciently descended from the same mother race as the Valkyrian, the Valorem live in the great western wood of the northern continent, which they call the Moriennal. They do not inherently have wings, but is long believed that one day an Outlyr and a Kyrseh would mate to give birth to a new race of Valkyrian that would unite the Valorem and the Valkyrian once more.


A human-like race that lives in the deep desert of Premia on the northern continent, distinguished from humans by the char black color on their palms and the soles of their feet that allow them to cross the Black Sands. They are a tribal people governed mostly by a summit of tribal leaders called Mirxha. These Mirxha are in turn lead by a Kshana or High King.

Draconic OutriderEdit

A wholly unique human race descended from dragons. This allows them to communicate with dragons, or, to be more specific, one dragon a piece, usually one that is descended from the same ancient line.


A race of human-valkyrian hybrids banished from Akla shortly after their discovery. Also referred to as The People of the Raven, the Kiranni are defined by their black wings. They can be found mostly on the northern continent and are considered by the humans and Valorem to be demons.


The most populous and by far the most diverse of all the races on Tahloor, humans can be found on both continents and make up a variety of cultures.


Second in diversity and population only to humans, elves are a robust and proud people that tend to isolate themselves from other cultures. They are mostly limited to the northern continent, though there are small settlements on the southern continent.


Closely related to elves, haromfai live only on the part of the southern continent known as The Forbidding. They are a tribal race and are considered wild by what few have seen them.

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